Ravi Rajagopal decides against seeking re-appointment with Peabody chair citing time commitment of “other roles and interest”

The vice-chair of Peabody has decided against seeking re-appointment for a second board term.

Ravi Rajagopal will stand down from the board of the 104,000-home association on 31 October as his initial three-year term comes to an end.


Ravi Rajagopal is standing down as Peabody vice-chair

Under Peabody’s governance rules, its board members typically serve two consecutive three-year terms.

David Hardy, interim chair of Peabody, cited Rajagopal’s “other roles and interests” which “include international travel and a significant time commitment” as being behind the decision.

Rajagopal is a director at telecommunications giant Airtel Africa. He is also chair of Fortis Healthcare, which operates private hospitals in India.

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David Hardy, interim chair of Peabody, said: “Ravi made an important contribution to bringing Catalyst and Peabody together, creating our new locally focussed organisation, and brought great energy, fresh ideas and an enduring commitment to our social purpose.”