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Profile: Master developer Urban&Civic

Managing director Robin Butler on quality, reliability, and how to get what you want from housebuilders


Spending Review: Analysing housing’s chances

What investment in housing does the industry need from the government – and what is it likely to get?

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Boris or Jeremy: what will it mean for housing?

Analysis: What plans the rival Tory leadership candidates could have for built environment policy


Barking fire: what can we learn?

The blaze at a Building Regs-compliant, timber-clad residential block prompts searching questions


Regional inequality: what’s the plan?

The initial findings of the UK2070 Commission inquiry into city and regional inequalities confirm what we already know. So what are we doing about it?


Larkhill housing scheme: radical collaboration

A time-constrained project for military housing is an exemplar of collaboration between rival timber frame firms


HAs: caught in a cross-subsidy trap?

Housing associations’ increased dependence on revenue from private sales could leave them over-exposed to market fluctuation

Top Hot modular homes

Modular construction: the Goldman Sachs effect

The investment bank’s decision to put £75m into TopHat could signal changes to come for the whole housebuilding industry


Do we need a Healthy Homes Bill?

The TCPA’s proposed 10-point standards for new homes are supported by many but also raise cost concerns


Should PDR be permitted after all?

Calls for the reform, review or even extension of permitted development rights are prompting a reevaluation of the policy’s effect


Housing's quality crisis: what's the solution?

Persimmon’s offer of retentions to customers and a government-appointed ombudsman only offer partial solutions


Thames Estuary: stuck in the mud?

Interest has ebbed in the former ‘gateway’ to London – but infrastructure investment could get things flowing

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Worker homes: a 21st-century model?

Employers’ efforts to secure affordable accommodation for staff are creating new housing models

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