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Do we need a Healthy Homes Bill?

The TCPA’s proposed 10-point standards for new homes are supported by many but also raise cost concerns


Marmalade Lane, Cambridge: a case study of co-housing

How does this housing development that was instigated and managed by residents work in practice?


Should PDR be permitted after all?

Calls for the reform, review or even extension of permitted development rights are prompting a reevaluation of the policy’s effect


Housing's quality crisis: what's the solution?

Persimmon’s offer of retentions to customers and a government-appointed ombudsman only offer partial solutions


Thames Estuary: stuck in the mud?

Interest has ebbed in the former ‘gateway’ to London – but infrastructure investment could get things flowing

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Worker homes: a 21st-century model?

Employers’ efforts to secure affordable accommodation for staff are creating new housing models

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Brownfield: the golden bullet for housing?

The CPRE’s recent audit of brownfield sites highlights their potential, but there are other factors to consider

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Future Homes Standard: what will be in it?

The chancellor’s announcement of a new green housing target sounded big on ambition, but light on detail. What could it involve?


How will housebuilders cope after the end of Help to Buy?

After six years of cheap loans for homebuyers, Help to Buy is being wound down. How will housebuilders cope with the change?

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Build-to-rent sector: what you need to know

There’s a buzz about build to rent right now, but does the data prove it’s a significant market?


How is Brexit affecting housebuilding?

Uncertainty is compounding the downturn, with housing associations affected as well as volume housebuilders

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Your essential guide to the UK housing sector

The facts and figures on all the big players and disruptors in the sector – and what they’re doing now and next


What does the Letwin review mean for housing policy?

Oliver Letwin’s review into build-out rates espouses a more varied approach to development. But some fear his proposals are too complex

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