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CPD 08 2023: Rainscreen facade system regulations

Sponsored by Knauf Insulation

This CPD, sponsored by Knauf Insulation, takes an in-depth look at the systems that lie behind the rainscreen facades of buildings and sets out the regulations and relevant guidance that should be considered to ensure the specification of safe, healthy and sustainable structures. Deadline for completion Friday 29 December 2023.

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CPD 07 2023: Specifying pre-finished steel standing seam systems for residential applications

Sponsored by Catnic

This Catnic-sponsored CPD module looks at the use of steel standing seam systems, exploring their design features, advantages and limitations in residential applications, as well as relevant guidelines considerations during installation. Deadline for completion Friday 8 December 2023.

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CPD 06 2023: Introducing BS 5422 on pipework insulation

Sponsored by ROCKWOOL

This latest CPD module, sponsored by Rockwool, looks at the latest version of BS 5422, the British Standard for thermal insulation of pipework and equipment, exploring recommendations and key updates for 2023. Deadline for completion Friday 24 November 2023.



CPD 05 2023: Brick circularity, sustainability and innovation

Sponsored by Vandersanden

This CPD module, sponsored by Vandersanden, explores the innovations in brick manufacturing, with a focus on the material’s green credentials. Deadline for completion Friday 17 November 2023.

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CPD 04 2023: Specifying metal web joists

Sponsored by MiTek

Designed to give you a better understanding of specifying metal web joists in your projects, this MiTek-sponsored CPD module will discuss the material’s properties, alongside possible applications, relevant regulations and various design considerations. Deadline for completion Friday 3 November 2023.

A key element of compartmentation is resisting the spread of fire from the room of origin


CPD 03 2023: Understanding fire stopping and liability

Sponsored by ROCKWOOL

This CPD module, sponsored by ROCKWOOL, explores the importance of designing for effective compartmentation and the legal liability regarding the provision of fire protection. Deadline for completion Friday 2 June 2023.

CPD Steel for Life sustainable steelwork procurement


CPD 02 2023: Sustainable steelwork procurement

Sponsored by Steel for Life

This CPD, sponsored by Steel for Life, examines the central role sustainability plays in procurement strategies and explains the key recommendations for procuring sustainable structural steelwork. Deadline for completion Friday 28 April 2023.

CPD 1 Waterproofing techniques


CPD 01 2023: Waterproofing techniques

Sponsored by RIW

This CPD sponsored by RIW explains the latest requirements on waterproofing structures such as basements as provided in the updated British Standard, BS 8102: 2022. Deadline for completion Friday 31 March 2023.

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CPD 16 2022: Ensuring social housing windows are fit for purpose

Sponsored by Eurocell

This Eurocell sponsored CPD examines the specification options for refurbishing or replacing window units in social housing alongside the best practice methodologies for ensuring they are fit for purpose. Deadline for completion Friday 3 February 2023.

CPD 15 2022 Utilising value engineering Shutterstock


CPD 15 2022: Utilising value engineering

Sponsored by Eurocell

This CPD module, sponsored by Eurocell, will explore the scope of value engineering, its application and how utilisation can benefit a production process. Deadline for completion Friday 3 February 2023.

CPD 14 Incorporating biophilia and biodiversity


CPD 14 2022: Incorporating biophilia and biodiversity

Sponsored by TG Escapes Modular Eco-Buildings

This CPD sponsored by TG Escapes Modular Eco-Buildings explains the issues around biodiversity and how buildings can help restore an environmental balance by including biophilic features. Deadline for completion Friday 13 January 2023.

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CPD 13 2022: Designing acoustics for learning environments

Sponsored by ROCKWOOL

This CPD sponsored by ROCKWOOL examines the issues around acoustic performance in schools, sets out the relevant regulations and standards, and explains some of the solutions available. Deadline for completion Friday 30 December 2022.



CPD 12 2022: Movement in brickwork

Sponsored by Vandersanden

This CPD sponsored by Vandersanden explores the benefits of specifying clay brick, alongside the types and causes of movement in brickwork and how to design to accommodate movement. Deadline for completion Friday 23 December 2022.



CPD 11 2022: Rainscreen insulation and cladding retrofit

This CPD sponsored by Rockwool explains how rainscreen cladding can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to upgrade a building, and the specification factors to consider. Deadline for completion Friday 28 October 2022.



CPD 10 2022: Specifying roof cover boards

Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific, by ROCKWOOL

This CPD, sponsored by Georgia-Pacific, looks at how roof cover boards are used in flat roofs, between the outer waterproofing layer and the insulation layer.

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CPD 9 2022: Fire safety, digitalisation and the golden thread

Sponsored by PlanRadar

Disasters such as Grenfell have cast a spotlight on fire safety in buildings, especially residentialdevelopments. As the government tightens up legislation, what role can digitalisation play inimproving fire safety? This CPD, sponsored by PlanRadar, sets out the options.



CPD 8 2022: Streamlining weatherproofing in modular construction

Sponsored by J&W

This J&W sponsored CPD explains how modular buildings benefit from a different kind of weatherproofing and how to specify the appropriate materials

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CPD 7 2022: Part L compliance considerations

Sponsored by Knauf Insulation

This Knauf Insulation sponsored CPD spells out the key elements of the new additions to the Building Regulations that are aimed at improving energy efficiency in homes, and explains which materials can help deliver the best results for an energy efficient project. Deadline: 26th August 2022



CPD 6 2022: Achieving net zero carbon in the built environment

Sponsored by Darren Evans

This CPD feature, sponsored by Darren Evans, will look at the challenges facing the construction industry as it seeks to respond to the climate emergency and deliver buildings that will meet net zero criteria.



CPD 5 2022: Sustainable steelwork specification

Sponsored by Steel for Life

This Steel for Life sponsored CPD introduces the first edition of a new Sustainability Specification for structural steelwork and sets out requirements and practices for achieving environmentally sustainable steelwork building construction, including maximal efficiency and minimal waste.



CPD 4 2022: Hybrid electrical solutions

Sponsored by Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

This Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation-sponsored CPD explains how to specify hybrid electrical heating systems to achieve lower energy use and emissions for buildings.



CPD 3 2022: Specifying natural slate

Sponsored by Cupa Pizarras

This CPD sponsored by Cupa Pizarras will examine the considerations in specifying natural slate for roofing and cladding.

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CPD 2 2022: Sustainable Drainage Systems

By Sponsored by AG

Regulations now state that sustainable drainage systems should be included in new housing schemes where feasible. This AG-sponsored CPD explains how these systems work and the specification considerations. Deadline: 22nd April 2022

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CPD 1 2022: Decarbonising structural steelwork

This Steel for Life sponsored CPD explains the roadmap produced by the BCSA to decarbonise the UK structural steelwork sector to meet the UK net zero carbon target by 2050. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 4th March 2022



CPD 15 2021: Residential overheat solutions

This Radiana sponsored CPD will look at how radiant cooling works and why it can be an efficient method for reducing overheat in a development without adding pressure to the climate. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 14 January 2021



CPD 14 2021: Bridging the performance gap

This Kingspan Insulation sponsored CPD looks at the need to reduce heat loss through thermal bridges in the light of coming changes in statutory energy performance requirements. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 7 January 2022



CPD 13 2021: Fire-resistant expansion movement joints

This CPD, sponsored by NCC (Movement Joint Systems), looks at the key criteria and considerations for selecting, specifiying and installing fire-resistant expansion movement joints and compares the options. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 7 January 2022



CPD 12 2021: Window refurbishment in social housing

This Eurocell sponsored CPD examines the specification options for refurbishing or replacing window units in local authority owned homes or other social housing. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 24 December 2021

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CPD 11 2021: How to avoid brick stains and efflorescence

This Vandersanden sponsored CPD explains how salt, lime and gypsum efflorescence can stain brick facades and the options for prevention and correction. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 10 December 2021



CPD 10 2021: Structural steel and the circular economy

This CPD module, sponsored by Steel for Life, examines steel’s credentials on its ability to be reused, recycled and multi-cycled, its structural efficiency, and its alignment to circular economy principles. Deadline to complete: 26 November 2021.

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CPD 9 2021: Decarbonising existing homes

This Kingspan Insulation sponsored CPD explains why, to achieve the reductions needed in home energy use, new technology such as heat pumps must be accompanied by measures like insulation. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 29 October 2021

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CPD 08 2021: Passive fire protection for structural steel

This CPD, sponsored by ROCKWOOL, explains the options for fire protection on steel-framed buildings as well as the relevant product standards and building regulations. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 14 September 2021

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CPD 07 2021: PVCu windows for medium-rise buildings

This CPD, sponsored by Eurocell, assesses the use of PVCu windows on medium- to high-rise buildings and outlines design, installation, ventilation and other aspects a developer would need to consider. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 10 September 2021



CPD 06 2021: Specifying timber to target Net Zero

This CPD sponsored by TG Escapes Eco-Buildings looks at how timber can make its mark in greening the delivery of the built environment, as construction embarks on a step change in techniques

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CPD 05 2021: Building considerations for commercial rooflight refurbishment

This CPD sponsored by VELUX Commercial gives an overview of the rooflight refurbishment process and the opportunities it offers to enhance daylighting and ventilation – as discussed in the company’s recent white paper DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 16 August 2021



CPD 04 2021: The future of heating – Part L 2022 options

This CPD sponsored by WMS explains the implementation of changes to Part L affecting energy usage, and the role underfloor heating can play in driving household efficiencies. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 9 August 2021

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CPD 03 2021: Identifying suitability of concrete blocks

This Lignacite sponsored CPD examines the performance of various types of concrete blocks in key areas such as fire, thermal and sound insulation, with suitable compliant constructions. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 28 May 2021



CPD 2 2021: Ventilation requirements for roofing membranes

This CPD, sponsored by Glidevale Protect, explains how to take ventilation requirements into account when specifying roofing underlays. DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 16 April 2021



CPD 1 2021: Specifying roofs to reduce fire risk

This CPD, sponsored by ROCKWOOL, explains how to apply fire-conscious design, construction and materials specification to a building’s fifth facade – its roof



CPD 15 2020: Specifying HVAC Systems for Ventilation

This Daikin sponsored CPD examines how existing regulations and new technologies can address the problem of poor ventilation in both workplaces and homes



CPD 14 2020: Environmental Product Declarations

This Kingspan sponsored CPD explains how EPDs are carried out, the advantages they offer in a digitalised industry, and how they are supporting the development of voluntary sustainable building standards such as BREEAM and LEED



CPD 13 2020: Steel and assessing embodied carbon

This Steel for Life sponsored CPD explains the assessment methods and standards for the embodied carbon impact of buildings and how they apply to steel



CPD 12 2020: Bespoke structural glazing solutions for commercial daylight design

This CPD, sponsored by VELUX Commercial, explains the considerations to be weighed when specifying structural glazing for commercial buildings, the opportunities it creates for designers and the benefits for employers and their staff



CPD 10 2020: Daylight design for commercial buildings using structural glazing

This CPD, sponsored by VELUX Commercial, explains how the maximising of daylight through bespoke structural glazing can improve wellbeing and productivity of a building’s occupants as well as cutting energy costs, and sets out the specification considerations



CPD 9 2020: Understanding the Passivhaus Standard

This Kingspan sponsored CPD takes a close-up look at the requirements of Passivhaus and how offsite approaches are making it increasingly viable and cost effective - DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 13 November 2020



CPD 8 2020: Specifying acoustic architectural glazing

This TECHNAL sponsored CPD explains what designers need to consider when specifying architectural glazing packages that involve increasingly demanding acoustic requirements - DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 31 August 2020



CPD 7 2020: Building Regs Parts L and F: Planned Changes

This Kingspan-sponsored CPD explains the proposed changes to Parts L and F of the Building Regulations for England and Wales, on energy performance and ventilation - DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 17 July 2020



CPD 6 2020: Building a modular future

This CPD, sponsored by Portakabin looks at the factors to consider when adopting modular construction and how architects and contractors have a major role to play in realising its full potential

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CPD 5 2020: Natural ventilation; the principles, benefits and practicalities

This CPD, sponsored by WindowMaster Control Systems, looks at the advantages of natural ventilation and technology to optimise performance

skylights for offices CMYK


CPD 4 2020: Designing commercial buildings for improved health and productivity

This VELUX Commercial sponsored CPD examines how greater daylighting can improve outcomes in commercial environments

VELUX Modular Skylights


CPD 3 2020: Designing daylight solutions for commercial buildings

This CPD, sponsored by VELUX Commercial, looks at how lighting affects health and wellbeing for those working in offices, hotels, transport and industrial buildings

CPD 2 2020 3


CPD 2 2020: Understanding PAS 2035 and PAS 2030:2019

This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, looks at the role of PAS 2035 and PAS 2030:2019 in the new Retrofit Standards Framework, how these have been developed, and the framework’s requirements for the construction industry



CPD 1 2020: Ambient loop / carbon zero

This CPD considers how the ambient loop heating concept can help reduce energy consumption to meet new targets on carbon emissions

Radiana hidden ceiling panels - living room


CPD 24 2019: Radiant ceiling cooling

This CPD, sponsored by Radiana, how radiant cooling works and why it can be an efficient method for reducing heat

WMS UFH Install


CPD 23 2019: Benefits of underfloor heating

This CPD, sponsored by WMS, will look at factors that can impact the use of underfloor heating systems and more

CPD 22 2019 Franke Sissons Main-CPD-image


CPD 22 2019: Saving water and energy

This CPD, sponsored by Franke Sissons, will consider how to conserve water and the ways specifiers can help to reduce water consumption

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CPD 21 2019: Guidance on thermal comfort in the learning environment

This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, looks at how to meet Building Regulations Part L and thermal comfort recommendations



CPD 20 2019: Facades

This CPD, sponsored by Isover, will address issues facing developers and clients looking to find specific facade solutions to their building needs



CPD 19 2019: Corrosion protection

This CPD, sponsored by Steel for Life, looks at how the lifespan of structures can be maximised by protecting them against the elements

CPD 18 Velux 137153-01-XXL-6


CPD 18 2019: Guide to daylighting and EN 17037

This CPD, sponsored by VELUX Commercial, looks at which aspects of design EN 17037 can cater for



CPD 17 2019: Natural slate

This CPD, sponsored by Cupa Pizarras, examines the strengths of this ubiquitous material and its suitability for roofing and cladding purposes

CPD 16 Glazing vision Mulroy_Uplands_14


CPD 16 2019: Understanding non-fragile glass in rooflights

This CPD, sponsored by Glazing Vision, examines what constitutes fragility and non-fragility, how glass is tested for fragility, and more

CPD 15 2019 Thomas Bell-Wright Building-CPD_Sept-(2)-CYMK


CPD 15 2019: Fire testing, certification and inspection for cladding fire safety

This CPD, sponsored by Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants, explains the correct tools to use passive fire protection methods to ensure fire-safe facade systems

Eurocell CPD 14 2019 EP1608ES Eurocell Eden Girls' School Modus Case Study (60)


CPD 14 2019: Fenestration on buildings

This CPD, sponsored by Eurocell, will discuss areas that are important to consider in fenestration specification

CPD 13 2019 FDSW


CPD 13 2019: Requirements for door hardware on fire doors

This CPD, sponsored by dormakaba, looks at the requirements of hardware for fire doors alongside CE markings and regulations

Riverlight 2


CPD 12 2019: Facade design – safety, aesthetics and practicalities

This CPD, sponsored by Siderise, outlines developments in cladding used in high-rise residential tower blocks and examines the testing involved prior to installation

Helvar CPD 2019 Helvar-Artificial-Intellgence-Lighting


CPD 11 2019: Lighting, wellbeing and productivity

This CPD, sponsored by Helvar, will look at the issues around the effectiveness of good lighting systems



CPD 10 2019: Using timber decking to sustainably maximise space

This CPD, sponsored by Marley, will look at the benefits of using different types of decking and why timber decking is a sustainable product. It will also explore possible hazards and solutions to consider at planning stage, alongside profile choices

Farrat CPD June 2019 22 Bishopsgate during construction with Farrat Thermal Break in-situ, courtesy of Severfield


CPD 9 2019: Structural thermal breaks

This CPD, sponsored by Farrat, will examine applications and options for structural thermal breaks



CPD 8 2019: Understanding the hidden costs of ‘cheap’ insulation

This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, looks at different types of insulation products for masonry cavity walls and how energy- and cost-efficient they are

Armstrong CPD May 2019 171026RHU-002


CPD 7 2019: Specifying suspended ceilings for health and wellbeing

This CPD, sponsored by Armstrong, focuses on how a working environment can promote health and wellbeing through suspended ceiling solutions

Viega_Building CPD Image 3


CPD 6 2019: Design considerations for potable water pipework

This CPD, sponsored by Viega, looks at the issues around ensuring that piping systems carrying drinking water meet current regulations

cogs value engineering shutterstock_1045482256


CPD 5 2019: The benefits of value engineering

This CPD, sponsored by Eurocell, will look at the scope of VE, its application and how its utilisation can benefit a production process



CPD 4 2019: Performance characteristics of glazing in rooflights

This CPD, sponsored by Glazing Vision, will look at the installation of non-fragile glass in rooflights, including safety testing and assembly specs

Avonite CPD_A Fleur de Parc - 4


CPD 3 2019: Solid surface facade system

This CPD, sponsored by Avonite, will outline the design of solid surface facade systems, their installation and maintenance, and examine regulatory requirements



CPD 2 2019: Harmonising design collaboration using BIM 360 Design

This CPD, sponsored by Autodesk, will consider how BIM 360 Design is overcoming the challenges design teams face

CPD 1 2019 Welsh slateHHM0414RT08


CPD 1 2019: Welsh slate

This CPD, sponsored by Welsh SlateTM, will look at how slate can be used in construction, how it should be installed for different purposes and the regulatory standards that need to be followed by those working with the material