Latest CPD Modules

CPD 2 2020 3


CPD 2 2020: Understanding PAS 2035 and PAS 2030:2019

This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, looks at the role of PAS 2035 and PAS 2030:2019 in the new Retrofit Standards Framework, how these have been developed, and the framework’s requirements for the construction industry



CPD 1 2020: Ambient loop / carbon zero

This CPD considers how the ambient loop heating concept can help reduce energy consumption to meet new targets on carbon emissions

Radiana hidden ceiling panels - living room


CPD 24 2019: Radiant ceiling cooling

This CPD, sponsored by Radiana, how radiant cooling works and why it can be an efficient method for reducing heat

WMS UFH Install


CPD 23 2019: Benefits of underfloor heating

This CPD, sponsored by WMS, will look at factors that can impact the use of underfloor heating systems and more

CPD 22 2019 Franke Sissons Main-CPD-image


CPD 22 2019: Saving water and energy

This CPD, sponsored by Franke Sissons, will consider how to conserve water and the ways specifiers can help to reduce water consumption

CPD 21 2019 iStock-533838764


CPD 21 2019: Guidance on thermal comfort in the learning environment

This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, looks at how to meet Building Regulations Part L and thermal comfort recommendations



CPD 20 2019: Facades

This CPD, sponsored by Isover, will address issues facing developers and clients looking to find specific facade solutions to their building needs



CPD 19 2019: Corrosion protection

This CPD, sponsored by Steel for Life, looks at how the lifespan of structures can be maximised by protecting them against the elements

CPD 18 Velux 137153-01-XXL-6


CPD 18 2019: Guide to daylighting and EN 17037

This CPD, sponsored by VELUX Commercial, looks at which aspects of design EN 17037 can cater for



CPD 17 2019: Natural slate

This CPD, sponsored by Cupa Pizarras, examines the strengths of this ubiquitous material and its suitability for roofing and cladding purposes

CPD 16 Glazing vision Mulroy_Uplands_14


CPD 16 2019: Understanding non-fragile glass in rooflights

This CPD, sponsored by Glazing Vision, examines what constitutes fragility and non-fragility, how glass is tested for fragility, and more

CPD 15 2019 Thomas Bell-Wright Building-CPD_Sept-(2)-CYMK


CPD 15 2019: Fire testing, certification and inspection for cladding fire safety

This CPD, sponsored by Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants, explains the correct tools to use passive fire protection methods to ensure fire-safe facade systems

Eurocell CPD 14 2019 EP1608ES Eurocell Eden Girls' School Modus Case Study (60)


CPD 14 2019: Fenestration on buildings

This CPD, sponsored by Eurocell, will discuss areas that are important to consider in fenestration specification

CPD 13 2019 FDSW


CPD 13 2019: Requirements for door hardware on fire doors

This CPD, sponsored by dormakaba, looks at the requirements of hardware for fire doors alongside CE markings and regulations

Riverlight 2


CPD 12 2019: Facade design – safety, aesthetics and practicalities

This CPD, sponsored by Siderise, outlines developments in cladding used in high-rise residential tower blocks and examines the testing involved prior to installation

Helvar CPD 2019 Helvar-Artificial-Intellgence-Lighting


CPD 11 2019: Lighting, wellbeing and productivity

This CPD, sponsored by Helvar, will look at the issues around the effectiveness of good lighting systems



CPD 10 2019: Using timber decking to sustainably maximise space

This CPD, sponsored by Marley, will look at the benefits of using different types of decking and why timber decking is a sustainable product. It will also explore possible hazards and solutions to consider at planning stage, alongside profile choices

Farrat CPD June 2019 22 Bishopsgate during construction with Farrat Thermal Break in-situ, courtesy of Severfield


CPD 9 2019: Structural thermal breaks

This CPD, sponsored by Farrat, will examine applications and options for structural thermal breaks



CPD 8 2019: Understanding the hidden costs of ‘cheap’ insulation

This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, looks at different types of insulation products for masonry cavity walls and how energy- and cost-efficient they are

Armstrong CPD May 2019 171026RHU-002


CPD 7 2019: Specifying suspended ceilings for health and wellbeing

This CPD, sponsored by Armstrong, focuses on how a working environment can promote health and wellbeing through suspended ceiling solutions