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CPD 12 2020: Bespoke structural glazing solutions for commercial daylight design

This CPD, sponsored by VELUX Commercial, explains the considerations to be weighed when specifying structural glazing for commercial buildings, the opportunities it creates for designers and the benefits for employers and their staff



CPD 13 2020: Steel and assessing embodied carbon

This Steel for Life sponsored CPD explains the assessment methods and standards for the embodied carbon impact of buildings and how they apply to steel



CPD 10 2020: Daylight design for commercial buildings using structural glazing

This CPD, sponsored by VELUX Commercial, explains how the maximising of daylight through bespoke structural glazing can improve wellbeing and productivity of a building’s occupants as well as cutting energy costs, and sets out the specification considerations



CPD 9 2020: Understanding the Passivhaus Standard

This Kingspan sponsored CPD takes a close-up look at the requirements of Passivhaus and how offsite approaches are making it increasingly viable and cost effective - DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 13 November 2020



CPD 8 2020: Specifying acoustic architectural glazing

This TECHNAL sponsored CPD explains what designers need to consider when specifying architectural glazing packages that involve increasingly demanding acoustic requirements - DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 31 August 2020



CPD 7 2020: Building Regs Parts L and F: Planned Changes

This Kingspan-sponsored CPD explains the proposed changes to Parts L and F of the Building Regulations for England and Wales, on energy performance and ventilation - DEADLINE TO COMPLETE: 17 July 2020



CPD 6 2020: Building a modular future

This CPD, sponsored by Portakabin looks at the factors to consider when adopting modular construction and how architects and contractors have a major role to play in realising its full potential

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CPD 5 2020: Natural ventilation; the principles, benefits and practicalities

This CPD, sponsored by WindowMaster Control Systems, looks at the advantages of natural ventilation and technology to optimise performance

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CPD 4 2020: Designing commercial buildings for improved health and productivity

This VELUX Commercial sponsored CPD examines how greater daylighting can improve outcomes in commercial environments

VELUX Modular Skylights


CPD 3 2020: Designing daylight solutions for commercial buildings

This CPD, sponsored by VELUX Commercial, looks at how lighting affects health and wellbeing for those working in offices, hotels, transport and industrial buildings

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CPD 2 2020: Understanding PAS 2035 and PAS 2030:2019

This CPD, sponsored by Kingspan Insulation, looks at the role of PAS 2035 and PAS 2030:2019 in the new Retrofit Standards Framework, how these have been developed, and the framework’s requirements for the construction industry



CPD 1 2020: Ambient loop / carbon zero

This CPD considers how the ambient loop heating concept can help reduce energy consumption to meet new targets on carbon emissions

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CPD 24 2019: Radiant ceiling cooling

This CPD, sponsored by Radiana, how radiant cooling works and why it can be an efficient method for reducing heat