Knauf Insulation

  • Prioritise thermal performance and ease of correct installation
    In Focus

    Closing the performance gap to achieve true energy efficiency

    2024-01-08T10:33:00Sponsored by Knauf Insulation

    Matthew Prowse, specification and housing director, for Knauf Insulation, looks at a central challenge to building energy efficient homes and what housebuilders can do to overcome it

  • KI CPD header with CPD LogoJPG

    CPD 08 2023: Rainscreen facade system regulations

    2023-11-17T05:00:00Sponsored by Knauf Insulation

    This CPD, sponsored by Knauf Insulation, takes an in-depth look at the systems that lie behind the rainscreen facades of buildings and sets out the regulations and relevant guidance that should be considered to ensure the specification of safe, healthy and sustainable structures. Deadline for completion Friday 29 December 2023.

  • Each heat pump is designed for a specific size of space
    In Focus

    How to build heat pump ready homes

    2023-10-02T06:00:00Sponsored by Knauf Insulation

    James Hulbert, Head of Housing and Offsite for Knauf Insulation, discusses the growing use of heat pumps and what housebuilders can do to optimise their homes for the technology

  • Knauf Insulation cutaway house copy

    CPD 7 2022: Part L compliance considerations

    Sponsored by Knauf Insulation

    This Knauf Insulation sponsored CPD spells out the key elements of the new additions to the Building Regulations that are aimed at improving energy efficiency in homes, and explains which materials can help deliver the best results for an energy efficient project. Deadline: 26th August 2022