Harry Swales to lead newly formed markets, partners and places directorate

Homes England has appointed the man who spearheaded its joint venture deal with Sekisui House and Urban Splash to be its executive director.

Urban Splash Northstowe housing scheme

Urban Splash’s designs for Inholm, Northstowe, a proposed new urban village north of Cambridge

Harry Swales will lead the newly formed markets, partners and places directorate which will drive the delivery of new homes.

The government housing quango said his appointment was a significant step forward for the organisation. Swales joined the organisation five years ago and was most recently director of products, equity and partnerships.

He led a team which secured the Sekisui House investment in Urban Splash’s modular housing business. He also formed the Housing Growth Partnership with Lloyds Banking Group. Homes England said Swales role would be to “drive market changing activity” by linking economic analysis with local scheme delivery.

Swales held a number of management positions in private sector property, banking and development consultancy firms prior to this move.

He said: “I’m delighted to take on this role with responsibility for building a new part of the Homes England business.

“By combining strategic insight with our significant funding and development capability we will be able to develop greater understanding of the specific needs of different housing markets and work with our partners to focus resources and expertise to meet local housing ambitions across the country.”