Robin Bailey passed away this morning following a period of illness

GreenSquareAccord has paid tribute to Robin Bailey, former GreenSquareAccord chair, who died in the early hours of this morning, age 74, after a period of illness.

Robin Bailey, former GSA chair

Source: GSA

Robin Bailey served as chair of GreenSquareAccord for three years, until March 2024

Bailey stepped down from his position as chair of GSA at the end of March after completing his full three-year term. Colin Dennis took over as GSA’s new chair. 

A tribute from GreenSquareAccord’s chief executive Ruth Cooke expressed that “our sector has lost a true champion”.

Cooke said that Bailey had led GSA “through a very challenging and crucial period with drive and commitment”.

She described his role in GSA’s merger in 2021 as pivotal, and that after this, he took on the role of chair, “leading a huge collective effort to address the issues identified in our downgrade and steering us back to G1 in late 2023”.

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Cooke added: “Robin’s determination to see this through, despite already being ill towards the end of his time as Chair, was inspirational and says a lot about the dedicated person and professional he was. It really mattered to him that he completed this journey”.

She said that she had enjoyed working with Bailey hugely and that though he took his role and responsibilities seriously, “he was great fun to work with and passionate about social housing and its crucial role in society”.

She added: “When Robin departed in March, he sent a heartfelt message to our colleagues in which he talked about the privileged position we are in as a social housing provider because it means we are able to help others. His commitment to our customers and belief in our role in supporting them was at the heart of his work.

“Through all the challenges we faced during his time as chair he never lost that focus and was determined to stay connected to customers and the colleagues helping them. He liked nothing more in his role than spending a day with teams providing frontline services.

“On behalf of everyone at GSA I want to pass on our deepest condolences to Robin’s wife Sally and his family and friends. Our sector has lost a true champion.”