Barton House in Bristol has been evacuated due to “risk of building collapse”

Bristol City Council has evacuated 98 flats after a building survey revealed a 15-storey block is at risk of collapse in the event of a fire, explosion or “large impact”.

The council announced that it would be temporarily evacuating Barton House yesterday evening (14 November), which has affected the block’s 400 residents.

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Barton House was built in 1958

This morning, the council’s cabinet member for housing services, Kye Dudd, told BBC Radio Bristol that a problem with “concrete sections and how they are tied to the supporting walls” had been identified in the building survey.

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Dudd added that the block was not built to the design spec, stating “it looks like there is an error in the construction of the building”.

Barton House was constructed in 1958 and is the oldest tower block on the council estate, which is located in the east of the city.

The council’s statement added: “We’re taking a cautious but sensible approach and asking all residents in the block to evacuate the building immediately.”

It said the evacuation is a “temporary measure” so it can conduct “a more detailed building survey to see if the results of the initial survey are the same for the rest of the building”.

The council said it cannot say how long residents will be evacuated for but that they will clarify this as quickly as they can.