The road to recovery will be long and hard

joey gardiner NEW

Do not be fooled by the lockdown easing, housebuilding may never be the same again

Given this week’s shock announcement of a sudden restart to the housing market, and Boris Johnson’s wider easing of current lockdown measures you may be tempted to feel a surge of optimism that everything is going to be all right in the end. After all, we have endured six long weeks of lockdown and the world – if you have not suffered a personal or family tragedy from covid-19 – has not ended: the NHS was not overwhelmed; restrictions are beginning to be eased; housebuilders and housing associations are everywhere trumpeting plans to re-open construction sites; and the talk among many is moving to managing the recovery.

Clearly this week has been a welcome tonic for those in the sector that fear the impact of a prolonged shut-down of the industry. But let us not get ahead of ourselves: For the economy, and by extension the residential development industry, the test posed by covid-19 has only just begun. Here is why.

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