Time for ministers to enforce boardroom diversity? Meet Lara Oyedele

Lara Oyedele CIH president (003)

Have we reached the point where diversity needs to be enforced through regulation? The CIH president thinks so

How do you make sure that your campaigning message is not merely going to people who already agree with you?

This is a question a rather pensive and thoughtful-looking Lara Oyedele asks as she sits down with Building to discuss her long-time push for greater diversity in boardrooms and leadership teams across the UK.

“I’ve done loads of talking at conferences, seminars, webinars, you name it and what I find is that I tend to be speaking to the people that already support what I’m doing – it’s like preaching to the choir,” she says.

“Am I speaking to the right people, am I getting invited to the rooms where they are all white? Because there are plenty of all white-male boards. No, probably because they will think, ‘Oh my gosh she is going to come and tell us off’, says Oyedele.

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