G15 housing association planning to ramp up development work under new chief executive Andy Hulme

Housing association Hyde has started the search for consultants to fill places on the housing association’s £2bn development consultants framework.

Planning consultants, architects, fire engineers, principal designers, employers agents and firms providing clerk of works services have until 20 October to send in tenders for the four year deal.

Invitations to tender for a second stage will then be sent out to selected candidates on 24 November.

andy hulme hyde 3

New Hyde chief executive Andy Hulme

The framework consists of six main lots for each consultant type, with each lot divided into four value banded sub lots.

The sub lots in each of the main lots cover projects up to £10m, between £10m and £25m, between £25m and £50m and over £50m.

It is estimated that around 10 firms will be appointed to each sub lot, with a maximum of 30.

Hyde owns around 44,000 homes in London, the south east of England and surrounding areas and has set a target to regularly complete 2,000 homes a year from 2025.

The G15 member completed 625 homes in 2022/2023 and started 2,105, its highest ever number of project starts in a 12 month period, as part of its plan to ramp up development under new chief executive Andy Hulme. 

The group reported a drop in revenue from £374m to £363m in its latest accounts, with its income from outright market sales down from £75m to £44m. 

This was offset by social housing rental income increasing by £7m to £261m and shared ownership revenue rising by £9m to £27.8m.