We are entering a new era for building safety - but are we ready for the new regulator?

grenfell tower 3

The Building Safety Regulator’s registration process for high-rise buildings starts in a few days’ time. Carl Brown assesses how prepared the new regulator and the industry are for the start of a fresh regime

Travel back 10 years into the past and an event for construction professionals on building safety regulations would have drawn a well-intentioned but small audience, most likely safety experts keen to talk to like-minded people in their field. Cut to last week when the Building Safety Regulator’s first conference  saw hundreds of professionals from  across the construction industry pack into the 2,300-capacity Westminster Central Hall. It almost felt like a rock concert or West End show rather than an industry event.

The reason? This was the first chance for many to hear first-hand from the new regulator, which sits within the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is expected to play a huge role in winning back trust to the industry post-Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The concept of a regulator is certainly starting to feel more real now. The role has its own logo and branding and from next month will open its process for building owners to register around 12,500 high-rise buildings.

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