Could stamp duty reform be the answer to making UK homes net zero?


Source: Diyana Dimitrova/

With carbon emissions from homes going up and little incentive for existing homeowners to make energy efficiency renovations, we talk to policymakers and industry about a proposed solution

The problem

Record energy costs are impacting households, individuals and the wider economy. The world is warming and all UK industries must reach net zero by 2050 to meet government targets. The housing sector is no exception, but while strides are being taken in the energy efficiency of new homes, our existing housing stock poses a major problem.

The majority of homes in England are owner-occupied (65%) and over the past decade there has been little in the way of government policy or industry-led incentive to get homeowners to undertake the often expensive and disruptive changes needed to make homes greener.  

We have the oldest housing stock in Europe with a fifth of homes dating from Edwardian times or older, but the UK cannot reach net zero without making drastic and potentially expensive changes to existing homes. 

Heating and electricity for 29m homes accounts for 20% of our carbon emissions, using up 35% of our energy. While we all want cheaper household bills, there are currently few incentives for homeowners to spend the money needed to make homes energy secure.

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