Homes fit for a King: what housing advice will Charles III give to prime ministers?

ben derbyshire 2

Ben Derbyshire has seen King Charles’ passion for housing design and planning up close. Here he lists the areas on which the new monarch is likely to provide private advice to prime ministers

During his long wait for accession, the Prince of Wales developed a reputation for his ‘black spider memos’ by means of which he allegedly sought to influence outcomes in spheres outside the royal prerogative.

One of these was the world of planning, architecture, urbanism and of course housing. Back-channelling in this way was not the only means of influence open to him. His charities have been active in research, discourse and publication of ideas close to his heart.

As a past president of the RIBA I have reason to appreciate the resentment amongst some in the profession arising from his interest in architecture - not least from his outspoken ‘Carbuncle Speech’ at the 1984 celebration of the Institute’s 150thanniversary. But I also have reason to know that the King has a significant understanding of the issues. The extent to which his understanding will be conveyed to Liz Trust and her successors in the course of their weekly audience remains to be seen.

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