Ask communities how they wish to live


Careful analysis of how society’s needs have changed should shape how we design housing developments in future, says Deborah Aplin

Now that we are coming out of lockdown, how can we encourage the wider community to get involved in shaping the way they live, work and play? This is the opportunity for the development industry to take a step back and analyse the changes in society as a result of covid. Ask the question of society across all generations: how do you wish to live, work, and spend your leisure time? Now is the chance to engage and to encourage change.

It often takes a major event to re-focus, to consider and question what was the norm, should we go back to how it was, or should we be taking the initiative and change now? How do we ensure the older more established companies listen to what the millennials aspire to in terms of living and work space, and the location of that space? Has the older generation changed its views on living space and the location of where they would like to spend their retirement, do they want to continue working and how can that be achieved? Does this change in society give opportunities for new aspirational companies and will they be given a chance?

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