What changes to government policy would you like to see that would allow you to build more homes?

The principal barrier to delivery is the ever increasing costs of delivering homes, particularly affordable homes.
In response the government should increase financial support for affordable housing across a range of tenures and types to ensure the housing delivers truly meets the needs of all of those in the local areas, not just the richest or the poorest.
In addition there needs to be a greater recognition in policy of the benefits provided by homes for rent, across a range of incomes and including median earners will go a long way to ensuring a location can attract and retain the workers it needs to provide essential services.

Any other comments on the current housing development landscape?

Olivia Harris, chief executive, Dolphin Living says: “The cost-of-living crisis currently engulfing the country makes it even more vital that we continue to address the now critical housing affordability crisis impacting upon many parts of our society. Bold steps are now required to tackle this and deliver new affordable homes, especially for those who do not qualify for social housing, yet are unable to afford local market rents.”